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Lot of people are writing multi-mode projects, i.e. files of different modes are opened in one project. For example HTML and CSS, HTML and Perl (CGI) or LaTeX and HTML. While editing a user can choose a mode specific layout (tool bar and menus [Insert, Accessories and Help]) but this way editing is comfortable only in "main" mode, in others you have to manage yourself.

One way of overcoming this problem is to append a second mode menu to "main" menu. But what if you are working with 5 mode files?

Auto Mode

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The AutoMode package will allow users to change the layout (tool bar and menus [Insert, Accessories and Help]) automatically according to definitions found in %bConfigAutoModemodes.edt.

This way you can work on a LaTeX file (and have all the LaTeX mode benefits) and move to a HTML file and have HTML tool bar and HTML Insert, Accessories and Help menu. When you click back you have a LaTeX layout again. It may cause a little flickering on the screen but this is the price of comfortable editing. Also it can be easily turned off.

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