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Many LaTEX users find it hard to typeset tabular and array environments directly. This plug-in was developed to make the task easier.

Table designer provides an alternative to define a table or array. When you are finished you should press the button Send which causes the Table Designer to store the entered data in text format to Windows Clipboard and then send a DDE Macro, instructing WinEdt to insert the contents of the clipboard to the current position in its active document.


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If you want to install the Table Designer as a plug-in for WinEdt proceed as follows:

Create a folder %BPluginsArray Crack (where %B stands for WinEdt's directory, f.i. C:Program FilesWinEdt), download the file and unpack its contents into the newly created folder.

Start the command Macros | Execute Macro... and choose Array.edt (this macro appends a menu item associated with the table designer to WinEdt's Tools Menu). You can optionally move this item through WinEdt's Menu Setup Dialog (Cut and Paste) and/ or associate it with a shortcut, Tool Bar, etc.

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