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Writing down all tasks you need to accomplish in a day can help you reach most of your goals, and minimizes the chances to forget about specific activities. If your work involves spending many hours in front of the computer, then applications like My Checklist are neat methods of organizing your schedule.

Before the application can properly run on your computer, you need to make sure whether .NET Framework is already there, and grab it otherwise. With no installation required, My Checklist can be carried on a USB flash drive to always have your tasks at hand to strike any completed ones, or fill in the list with more entries.

My Checklist

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Most of the main window space is where all entries are shown. Although it may look like an empty text field at first, tasks are actually displayed on individual rows, preceded by a check box to quickly mark the ones you finish. if you happen to complete more at a time, it’s possible to hold down the Ctrl key for multiple selection.

Adding a new items simply requires you to fill in one text field with the necessary text. Note that hitting “Enter” doesn’t take you to the next row, and this operation is done through the Ctrl + Enter hotkey command. Be careful though, because items appear in a single row in the main window, so you need to add a custom separator to be able to differentiate text lines.

When not used, the application can quietly sit in the tray area. Unfortunately, there’s no possibility to assign a hotkey to quickly bring it back up. Making it run on startup needs to be done by placing a shortcut in the system Startup folder, because of the lack of a built-in startup function.

All in all, My Checklist Crack is a straightforward application you can use to quickly write down all tasks you need to accomplish, or even a list of groceries. Unfortunately, there’s no file support to keep a log on entries, or alert system to create notifications.

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