sqlDESKTOP 3.50 (Crack + Keygen)

sqlDESKTOP is an advanced filing system tool that acts like a real office. It shows pictures with cabinets and folders to help you better organize documents by placing them in the same category, regardless of their file type or location on the computer.

The program features customizable file classification options and gives you the possibility to set up multiple user accounts with access to the database.


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During setup, the application installs sqlDESKTOP, HSQLDB, JDBC driver for Oracle, DB2, SqlServer, Derby-Cloudscape and Postgrsql, along with Java (for these components only, doesn't interfere with any Java you already have installed).

At startup, you are required to set up user identification details with a name and password. These connection parameters can be saved for future logins. Moreover, you can specify the local working directory and path to the database driver, as well as select the database type (MySQL or InstantDB).

When it comes to the database connection settings, it's possible to modify the default driver name, database URL, qualifier and query timeout, together with the user ID and password.

Once linked to the database, you can explore and set up new office tools to aid with your work, such as inbox, outbox, file cabinet, binder, documents, photos, Internet, news, and applications. The tool supports multiple panels and tab dividers.

It's possible to grant or revoke access to rooms, change the template panel, password, UI skin and language, alter the Java stack size, as well as to empty the trash can. A search function is put at your disposal for quickly tracking down specific documents.

Furthermore, you can examine messages and fetch all items received by the email server, edit email account properties, easily add new users, manage users and rooms, or create a new appearance.

sqlDESKTOP Crack comes bundled with comprehensive options for organizing documents easier. However, it requires SQL experience to set it up.

Rating 3.1
Downloads 6450
Package size 46.5 MB
Supported systems Windows All