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AutoGraph functions as a Microsoft Excel addin that can automatically generate a chart when you select multiple cells containing numerical data. Since graphic representations of data are much more easy to interpret and understand, this lightweight addin can prove useful to anyone who performs data analysis in Excel.

AutoGraph seamlessly integrates with Excel, so no additional configuration is required. Once installed, simply highlight a section of a spreadsheet that contains numerical data and the chart is instantly displayed in a pop-up window.


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The advantage is that the addin works with large chunks of data, so you can select hundreds of rows and columns and the graph still appears. Alternatively, the selection dimensions can be limited, in order to avoid representing very large data sets.

However, there are a few options that you can customize according to your preferences. First of all, you should know that AutoGraph Crack does not generate a single type of chart. Actually, it supports all the models that are included in Excel, from simple line, bar or pie charts to candlestick charts used with stock price data.

The chart width and height can be adjusted manually and its position can be set, but you can also leave these tasks to AutoGraph, if you simply don't want to bother. Also, you can instruct it to extract and process just the data in the selected columns or rows, as well as customize the background colors for the graph and the legend box. The popup window can be configured to automatically dissapear after a specific number of seconds or when the mouse is clicked.

Charts and graphs offer a better insight of a data set, enabling you to easily identify cyclical evolution, spikes and trends. AutoGraph can generate a graphical representation without you having to do this manually, which can really help in analyzing all types of data.

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