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Everything we do is closely related to time. It helps us guide every activity so that we synchronize together and know when to meet or certain things need to be done, and even school or job attendance. In this regard, applications like Time-Keeper let you track working hours for individuals in an organized database.

Amongst its few advantages is one that saves you the time needed to go through a setup process. The application is portable and doesn’t interfere with Windows registries, and can easily be used on the go from a removable USB Flash drive.


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The main window is pretty compact and only acts as a central console. Two methods of input can be selected, one that literally counts the total working hours for an individual until pressing Stop, while the other lets you quickly add working time to any user with a few mouse clicks.

However, this first method has its limitations. In other words, the stopwatch locks itself on a specific user, with options to add times to others only via manual input, without options to start more countdown timers.

All results end up in a database. There’s a button that directly opens it, but you need to have Microsoft Access installed, because it’s of that type. A default one is created so you have a sample list of jobs and actions.

It’s all up to you what resources you use. The options menu lets you simply write down a function or user name and add it to a list. There aren’t any other controls, and not even for exporting, unless you’re managing the database via Access.

To sum it up, Time-Keeper Crack is a straightforward approach on employment scheduling, providing the basic means to track time, and keep an organized database of it. However, it doesn’t feel like a finished product, with a shallow built-in database viewer that is decent, but fitted with no controls or options, forcing you to also rely on other applications.

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