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Although there are an abundance of fonts at your disposal, you might want to use different style for writing, depending on the purpose. For instance, Lettra Art comes as a neat tool which uses custom and special characters to transform plain text you insert into a stylish form you can share on your wall or use in conversations with friends.

It takes little time and effort to get the application deployed on your computer, so you’re able to check out the set of features shortly after download. Accommodation is also a walk in the park, with most fields and buttons at your disposal fitted with intuitive tooltips which show up on mouseover.

Lettra Art

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Input needs to be done on the spot, or you can paste some text from the clipboard, with no possibility to convert the content of an entire text document. Result is shown as you type, and automatically sent to the clipboard so you can then easily insert it in conversations, or other informal types of texts.

There are some preset character strings for different types of conversation, or simply to enhance documents with items like arrows or stylish banners, all made out of characters. You can use any of them, and the press of a button sends the corresponding string to clipboard, just like regular input.

Moreover, you can configure some characters which get replaced. Selecting an original character displays all possible variations so you can choose the default replacement. Furthermore, you can create shortcuts which can be replaced by multiple characters in order to create your own set of unique styles.

Taking everything into consideration, we can state that Lettra Art Crack is a neat method of customizing text you write in conversations or use in fun, informal presentations. You quickly get the hang of things thanks to the simple design, while various options can be used to create your own styles and replacement characters.

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