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NotepadEx application represents a freeware Notepad replacement that I have written because I really hated the file size limitation of Notepad and because Notepad doesn't have a text search and replace function.

Before I decided to write NotepadEx I had searched the internet to find a Notepad replacement that would satisfy my needs, but I didn't find one. What I really wanted was a Notepad look-alike without the 32KB file size limitation and with a fast text search and replace function, and not much more. And, it should be freeware.


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But all the freeware (and even shareware) programs I found were very large (and therefore loading them took too much time), mainly because they had too many extra features - like spelling checking - that I neither needed nor wanted.

Finally I decided to write my own Notepad replacement. I had a lot of experience with Visual Basic 6, but I decided to write it in Borland Delphi 5, although I didn't have much experience with it. I did this because if I would write it in Visual Basic 6 it would depend on the VB runtime DLL (which is more than 1 MB in size) and therefore it would be loading too slowly. And I also thought this would be a good way to learn Delphi. I downloaded some examples and started my first real Delphi project, called NotepadEx. I got used to Delphi very fast and in two days the first beta version was there.

Here are some key features of "NotepadEx":

· NotepadEx can read files with file sizes greater than 32KB

· NotepadEx extends the Notepad search function with a very fast replace function

· NotepadEx has a recent files list

· NotepadEx optionally shows a status bar with the cursor position and the file size in it

· NotepadEx uses more shortcut keys:

· Ctrl+N to create a new document

· Ctrl+O to open an existing document

· Ctrl+S to save the document

· Ctrl+P to print the document

· Ctrl+A to select all the text

· Ctrl+F to search for text

· Ctrl+H to search and replace text

· Ctrl+W to toggle Word Wrap

· NotepadEx Crack offers you the possibility to use custom keyboard shortcuts (hotkeys) to quickly insert text

· NotepadEx can open and save DOS, Unix and Mac files

· NotepadEx can open and save Ansi and Unicode files

· NotepadEx can restore the cursor position when opening recently used files

· NotepadEx has a function to change the text case (sentence case, lowercase, uppercase, title case, toggle case)

· NotepadEx can trim trailing spaces

· NotepadEx can wrap text at a specified column width

· NotepadEx can show the full path name for the document being edited

· NotepadEx can use the associated icon for the document being edited (just like WordPad does)

· NotepadEx has multi-language support (the currently supported languages are Chinese [PRC], Chinese [Taiwan], Czech, Dutch, English, Estonian, French, German, Hungarian, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Spain, Swedish and Turkish)

· NotepadEx has a function to preview HTML and XML files in your browser

· NotepadEx can be run in single instance mode

· NotepadEx can stay on top of all other windows

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