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You might need to temporarily store some bits of text you find over the web, and opening a text document might prove to be time-consuming. Luckily, there are various third-party applications out there which act as reminders and quietly sit on the desktop when needed, and it’s the case with Spine Sticky 07.

You first need to go through a setup process to ensure the application functionality, but you can also deploy it on a thumb drive, because it doesn’t bind itself to system registry entries. As such, it can be carried around on a thumb drive as a personal sticky notes application, but make sure that .NET Framework is on the computer you use.

Spine Sticky 07

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On launch, the main menu shows up, letting you decide the color and attributes of the new sticky note you wish to create. There’s a description of the application to help you get an idea of what can be accomplished. When not directly used, the main window can be sent to the tray area, from where you can create new notes, and restore hidden ones.

A sticky note can be made to stay on top of every other window. You can resize the note window, with a scroll bar appearing if text goes beyond limits. Sadly, notes can’t be saved to file, so this operation needs to be manually done, in case text of interest is useful later on.

Multiple notes can be created, and you can minimize the ones you don’t need. New notes can come under different colors. Note that closing the application discards everything. Notes can also be used as reminders, with configurable options to countdown or regular timers.

Taking everything into consideration, we can state that Spine Sticky 07 Crack is a lightweight alternative to what Windows provides by default. Sure enough you can create and manage multiple notes, but be careful when closing them, because you can easily risk losing stored text strings.

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