1Time 2.2 (Crack + Keygen)

1Time is a three-in-one application that comprises a stopwatch, a countdown timer and an alarm utility.

Although there are so many goodies in just one package, it's all a very simple piece of software, so only basic computer knowledge is actually required.


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The minimal main window of the app only shows the time, so the configuration screen plays a much more important role.

If you wish to set up the countdown timer, it's enough to define the number of hours, minutes and seconds, while the alarm utility prompts users to provide the scheduled time.

What's more, you can play a sound or any other media when the time expires, but sadly only the WAV format is supported.

There are no any other configuration settings, and while this may be good news for beginners, advanced users definitely feel the need for a lot more features.

Support for scheduled actions for example could help a lot in order to automatically shut down or reboot the computer whenever you schedule an alarm.

On the other hand, the good thing is that 1Time Crack is as light as possible when it comes to hardware resources, and your computer may not even know that it's running. It doesn't matter the installed Windows version, everything works like a breeze.

Overall, 1Time is just a basic piece of software, so major improvements are still needed. It does serve its purpose, that's true, but for an enhanced experience further feature updates are more than necessary.

Rating 3.4
Downloads 13237
Package size 442 KB
Supported systems Windows All