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The Annotations Framework, which is used by StickyNotes, will support some different storage options for saving annotation data - either as XML data in a text file, within a Microsoft Windows File System, code-named "WinFS" file store, within a compound document file, or through an XML stream.

In 4074, StickyNotes use Xml File Store, opened in a text editor, the .stickynote file is very similar to the Xaml documents.


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Non-text data, Audio streams or ink, is stored as Base64 encoded string. Every single Sticky Note can be attached to an "Annotations-enabled" Xaml element, resized, or even collapsed. In addition, a StickyNote tile can be added to the Sidebar, which, unfortunately, in 4074 only works partially.

StickyNote.exe works using arguments after its file name, here a list of the commands you can use it with:

■ /new - Creates a new sticky

■ /pos %X_pos %Y_pos %FilePathToTheNewSticky - Creates a new sticky, at specified screen position. This is most used to create annotations in Xaml forms.

■ /showall - Starts all available Sticky Notes in %USEPROFILE%My DocumentsMy NotesSticky Notes, the most common store for sticky notes files.

■ /hideall - *Should* hide all opened notes, but in fact, it seems this doesn't work

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