Memo (Crack + Keygen)

This application has mostly the same user interface as Windows' Notepad, but you can do much more with it.

However I am working with Perl (sometimes), this program supports the Perl syntax. And I am also working with Unix Server, this program also supports Unix Output format.


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Here are some key features of "Memo":

· Syntax highlighting for C, C++, JSP, Java, Perl and HTML (PHP and XML[just tags] are also supported)

· HTML tidy

· Pick up C++ templates (C++Builder like templates)

· (when you use C++ syntax highlight, press Ctrl + J to get these stuff)

· Easy to call Windows' commando prompt with a path to active document's folder - means that you are quite easy to compile source code

· Enable to save and read Unix and Mac formatted text (This function could be useful

· if you are working on Windows and upload files such as Perl onto Unix server) - Especially usefull if you are working Flash on Windows and want to make "Dynamic Text". Then you should save your text as MAC format.

· Exporting to common file formats like RTF and HTML

· Cut/Copy/Paste operations, drag and drop support

· Search and replace

· Unlimited undo & redo

· Encode and Decode common algorithm

· Case - convert characters (lowercase to uppercase or uppercase to lowercase)

· Convert character (ASCI to OEM or OEM to ASCI)

· Convert characters (capitalize)

· Spell checker

· Associate Syntax highlight with file extensions

· Use a Bitmap image to editor background (works slow)

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