DIZzy 1.12 (Crack + Keygen)

DIZzy is a lightweight software solution designed to help you open DIZ, NFO and ASCII files instantly.

One of the best things about DIZzy is that it doesn't need to be installed, which means you can easily copy the executable file on a USB removable drive and launch it directly from there wherever you go.


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The number of features is pretty limited though and you can see that just after starting the app for the first time. It boasts what can be easily considered a basic interface, with only a few buttons at the top of the main window and no other configuration screen.

On the good side, DIZzy features drag and drop support, which means you can easily open a DIZ, NFO or ASCII file just by dragging it over the main window.

Plus, the application is able to automatically copy the selected text, just like we've seen on the popular mIRC chatting client, so you don't have to right click the selection or use the Ctrl+C keyboard shortcut in this regard.

Of course, you can also set file associations and use it to open the aforementioned formats automatically, but DIZzy Crack doesn't provide such a feature, so you have no other solution than to perform the whole task manually in Windows.

It's no surprise that it remains very light on hardware resources all the time, working flawlessly on all Windows versions on the market.

Overall, it's pretty clear that DIZzy is an interesting software solution designed to handle DIZ, NFO and ASCII files, but certain upgrades are still needed. For example, a more appealing interface with some configuration options and, more importantly, with file associations settings are mandatory.

Rating 3.2
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Valerio, 16 January 2019

working patch. thanks