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Knowing just when exactly and how activities need to be developed can significantly boost overall performance. Tracking your activities doesn’t necessarily have to be a complex task, and might just simply require you to know the time and date. As such, J-Tracker comes with simple means of letting you organize your schedule.

On the bright side of things, you’re saved the entire time and effort required to go through a setup process, so you can just as well go ahead and take it for a spin as soon as download is done. This also makes it pretty easy to have it stored and carried around on a USB flash drive in case you want to use the application on other computers, thus always having your tasks at hand.


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The visual design is meant to provide a clear overview of time. Most of the space represents an yearly calendar through which you can easily cycle, leaving just a small portion to work with tasks and categories. No additional windows show up, meaning every function you get to work with is in plain sight.

It’s a good idea to start managing your categories, because they’re major workgroups. They can hold multiple subitems, or even different categories. Adding items is done in the same way as categories, and you can choose the parent category from a drop-down menu. There are no other details to add except the name.

Items you add aren’t placed on the calendar directly. However, you can make pretty good use of it by selecting a color for easy identification, and simply placing more occurrences. Selecting a date is all there is to it, and hitting the confirmation button of course.

To sum it up, J-Tracker Crack wants to offer a clear overview on the long run and all task occurrences. Your tasks can be structured in several group types, but it lacks the necessary depth to remind you of upcoming events, or let you generate reports to review your activities.

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