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Basic text editing can be performed flawlessly through the default tools Windows puts at your disposal. Code writing can also be done in a basic text editor, and picking the right one is a matter of choosing the right set of features. If you don’t want things to be too complicated, Texter might just prove to be what you need.

With the main window up you quickly notice the resemblance to Notepad. This is because the application comes with a rather poor set of features, and apart from several edit options, file operations, and an edit pad which represents most of the interface, there’s not much to work with.


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You can either start off and create a new document from scratch, or use the browse dialog to load an existing project since drag and drop is not supported. However, file support only allow you to open plain text files to be able to clearly view and edit any kind of content. Sure enough you can load any kind of file, but editing and saving under the same format automatically corrupts it.

Multiple instances of the application can be kept active at the same time in case you want to quickly move text strings between documents. When done editing, you can save under a custom format, or the default TXT type. Additionally, a document can be directly printed on a sheet of paper.

You only benefit from a basic set of edit functions which include undo, cut, copy, paste, select, and clear. On the other there’s a built-in search function which is also fitted with an option to replace custom strings with other entries.

On an ending note, Texter Crack is nothing more than a third-party version of Notepad with nothing more and nothing less to offer. Text support is shallow, with no options to change font options, and even though it can open any kind of file, it doesn’t mean editing is possible, or even advisable for that matter.

Rating 2.9
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