Mediathek Premium

Mediathek Premium 6.4 (Crack + Keygen)

Mediathek is THE ultimate Personal Information & Inventory Manager: it will help you manage and keeping track of everything you virtually own - video and audio mediums, software, books, collectible items, inventory, and personal belongings.

The product was first released in 1996, and constantly improved since then ; Thousands of people from many different countries, religions, social classes, occupation, have adopted this software : Libraries (educational & religious), Enterprise comitees, Collectors, Individuals wishing to manage their personal entertainment library, Mothers at home, Non-profit organizations, Companies etc...

Mediathek Premium

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Mediathek has become the reference product for its software category ; Some of its main advantages are the use of a single software to keep track and manage any types of mediums & objects and its generalist approach which allow to fit any type of managing needs, even the more exotics.

Here are some key features of "Mediathek Premium":

■ Keep track & manage virtually anything you own : video & audio mediums, software, books, collectible items, inventory, personal belongings...

■ Very powerfull and yet user-friendly software

■ Nice Windows explorer-like interface with high color icons, folders and colored text items

■ Explorer-like Document view organized with a left pane containing a tree (sorted items & folders), and a right pane with a detailed list (items / objects properties) of current selection.

■ Items custom coloring depending on their types & attributes (root items, folders, mediums & objects, lended items, items late for return...).

■ Many interface shortcuts & tools that really make the software intuitive

■ Support of Windows XP themes and Office XP like interface

■ User input assistants and productivity tools

■ Lending module with detailed borrowers management, reminders, log file, dates calculation rules, real time view refresh for items late for return...

■ Internet enabled to connect to web sites associated with editors, authors, items...

■ Full support for printing, and printing preview, with amazing amount of options and parameters to full-customize your reports (header, footer, colors, True-type fonts, high-color icons, Treeview or Detailed view mode...).

■ Different printing report styles with professional look.

■ Jpeg image support to illustrate your items (CD, DVD covers, collectibles pictures...) with preview window, copy to clipboard and external viewing software support

■ Full software behavior & interface customization.

■ Dozens of high color icons to illustrate your items

■ Support for the latests medium types and formats/standards

■ Import filters to import data from many software, including text format & CSV, FreeDB / Cddb...

■ Export filters to export data to Text, XML, HTML and more

■ Build a web site or XML data in a few minutes using your own web templates

■ Complete User Manual with detailed software review

■ Advanced statistics, research features (search, selection, filtering...)

■ Advanced features to manage your library : re-evaluate prices, items medium and types replacement, productivity tools, intelligent copy/cut & paste...

■ Automatic save/restore of all parameters, including graphical elements' screen coordinates.

■ Integrated features that enhance fields input (cast automatic correction, auto-fields, dynamic lists, auto-complete fields as you type...).

■ Coma support with numbers for Value/Price field and system currency format display as well.


■ Although Mediathek can be used for Free (see License Agreement conditions), Freeware release has some functionnal limitations, and provide only the minimum features in order to manage collections, librairies or inventories.

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