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Some time ago we used to find a person or a family member by using the physical phone book which was heavy and took us a long time to search for an individual. When we meet a new person we had to write down all of its information, and sometimes we misplace or lost that sheet of paper.

As the technology evolved in all departments, companies began to create a much easier and faster method of adding and storing the contacts, and that's how digital address books were made.

Easy Phonebook

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Easy Phonebook is a straightforward and simple application designed to offer a simple way of adding and handling new contacts for personal and business use. It's useful for those who have to keep in touch with a large number of persons. It's wrapped in a clean and well-organized interface displaying the whole alphabet for a faster search and a small toolbar.

To add a new entry you can either choose the corresponding letter from the panel or you can insert it from the menu. General details are needed, like full name, organization, various phone numbers with a relevant category (e.g. office, home, cellular, parents), and email. Additional information can be added, such as address, country and city, birthday, and optional notes.

Another handy option is the ability to dial a number directly and talk with someone while working on the computer. However, in order to do so, you need to set up the modem and connection properties, along with the dialer type.

An existing database may be imported from the PC in EPB format, and the current one exported to EPB, HTML and CSV file type. If in the address book are multiple records, and you can't find one by just browsing the letter tabs, you can use the search function and choose the desired criteria, like surname, company, phone, or country, type in the name, and the app displays all the found entries.

Plus, there is also a sorting option that organizes records by the first letter in the first and last name, and organization. The tool lets you back up the contact lists in a DB file format, and can restore a saved one from the computer.

To sum it up, Easy Phonebook Crack is a useful and approachable utility that comes in handy for those who want to store their long contact lists in a small and easy-to-use database, which can be safely stored on the hard drive.

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