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WinEbook Viewer is an accessible application designed to provide easy ways to view your WinEbook files and Super WinEbook 98 (SWB) records. It features an integrated voice that helps read the text in different styles.

The layout is outdated yet intuitive, bringing all the important functions in two quick toolbars. The navigational controls are located at the bottom of the window, while the speaker, output device, and pronunciation are at the top for a quick play. The only supported file format is SWB. If you don't have such a record on the computer, you can open the sample the comes with the app in order to see what each option does.

WinEbook Viewer

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If you like a specific page from the book, it's possible to add bookmarks to remember where you left off or check your favorite passages. Plus, you can find particular words in the current chapter or the entire book. If the displayed text is too small for you, the tool lets you zoom in and out. Plus, is the sounds annoy you, they can be turned off from the menu, while the book shared with your friends via email.

If you are not happy with the voice, clicking on the speaker brings up a separate window, where you can choose the voice from a wide collection, and view detailed information about each (e.g. name, language, manufacturer, product).

Sadly, the volume or reading speed can't be adjusted as the app doesn't offer such an option. If a word is pronounced wrong, you can change that by speaking it using the built-in microphone, and add it to the dictionary.

Taking everything into account, WinEbook Viewer Crack is a practical and user-friendly program that comes in handy for those who want to view their WinEbook files and listen to them being read by the integrated digital voice.

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