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Calculators are a fast way of getting out of various sticky situations. Even financial problems can be solved this way, and even Windows lets you use a basic calculator. However, advanced operations might require alternatives, and a suitable example in this regard is TextCalc, but comes with a different approach than what you’re used to.

One main advantage is that you’re not even taken through a setup process to make the application work, so it’s easy to carry around on a thumb drive to always have this calculus method at hand. More than that, runtime doesn’t affect registry entries, so you don’t have to worry about the health status of the target PC.


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As the name might suggest, the application is not your average calculator, and accepts text as method of input rather than relying on a numerical keypad. This might make you look for alternatives, but a little effort invested in accommodation reveals it’s not really something to worry about. Moreover, a help file is brought up on launch, offering detailed description on how things actually work.

In terms of possible operations, you can work with sum, average, count items, sum of squares, square root, median, minimum and maximum values, deviation, standard deviation, variance, and a lot more. Additionally, the application includes the PI constant, but you’re free to create your own configurations.

The application works more like a programming language, with functions and values based on a syntax highlighter for easy identification. Complex structures can be created, and you can choose to compute entire expressions after writing them. Export can be done as a plain text file.

Taking everything into consideration, we can state that TextCalc Crack is a powerful calculator, but with a little effort invested in accommodation. An abundance of expressions can be computed, and even though everything is text based, results are sure to be accurate.

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