MEDA Text to PDF

MEDA Text to PDF 1.6 (Crack + Keygen)

The Internet is filled with all sort of applications and software solutions that you could use in order to organize and manage your files. One of such applications is MEDA Text to PDF.

It allows you to convert text, tagged text, textual report into PDF. It's packed with multiple tools and features that you could use, together with many interesting sections to explore.

MEDA Text to PDF

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The application doesn't take long to install and it doesn't come with a complicated setup that you would need to complete in order to use it. It comes with a really intuitive graphical interface, packed with all sort of nice tools and features at hand.

MEDA Text to PDF lets you convert text and create textual reports to PDF. MEDA Text to PDF Convertor also includes command-line executable file lets you use MEDA Text to PDF Convertor in batch file or other applications to convert text documents on the fly.

MEDA Text to PDF Convertor offers many useful tags for creating elements in PDF. The tag must contain three parts, the tag start sign, name and value. You can set text font, color, size even hyperlink by using tags, or you can use tag to set page properties, document properties and more.

MEDA Text to PDF Crack Convertor program files folder contains many useful samples helps you to understand the tags, please click Start menu, point to MEDA Text to PDF Crack Convertor group, and then click the "Sample folder" to open the folder which contains sample files.

Command-line tool is running in DOS mode and don't have GUI(Graphic User Interface) , you can use command-line tool in any program or batch file. After you installed MEDA Text to PDF Convertor, you can locate it from the setup destination folder.

The command-line tool name is 'MEDA Text to PDF Convertorpro.exe', run it in Command-line window. There's the option to insert name, size and color tags, together with page and documents properties.

All in all, MEDA Text to PDF is a very nice application that you could use in order to convert text to PDF and make all sort of changes to your documents.

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