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Windows is not the most reliable operating system out there, but it's not exactly its fault. Applications you install mostly need to edit the system registries or more, which can be the cause of small compatibility issues, or even complete system failure, thus risking to lose work. In this regard, Saver wants to help you automatically save your work every now and then, in case you forget, or unexpected events occur.

A neat advantage is that the application doesn’t even take you through an installation process to successfully run, meaning you can deploy and even use it from a USB flash drive. Another consequence of portability is that system registries remain intact, thus not affecting the integrity of the PC you use it on.


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Upon launch, a pretty compact main window shows up, with a couple of text fields and timer to let you specify general properties, target, and how often the operation to be performed. When the task is started, the application automatically minimizes to the system tray, with the corresponding icon letting you bring it back to make adjustments.

What Saver Crack does is actually attempt to send custom keystrokes to a custom application, somehow encouraging you to write down the save hotkey command so that it can automatically save your work, just in case your computer decides to stop functioning.

First of all, you need to configure the hotkey, so if the application you’re using doesn’t have support for save or hotkeys, then this program is of no use there. If it does, you also need to write down the target window title, as well as the frequency in minutes to send that custom command. However, the target window needs to be active, unless you leave the title field blank, thus saving the active window.

Taking everything into consideration, we can say that Saver comes with good intentions and manages to live up to expectations by pressing the save button so you don’t have to. It’s pretty lightweight, requires no installation, and you’ll even forget it’s active, since it stays in the tray and silently does its job.

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