XML-based document import for Hummingbird DM

XML-based document import for Hummingbird DM 1.1 (Crack + Keygen)

With XML-based document import for Hummingbird DM application you will be able to easily import numerous documents into Hummingbird. Unlike with the standard Hummingbird Document Import tool (docimp.exe), you can not only create documents and their versions, manage documents and folders, but also add attachments, record the necessary information to other database tables, use variables, get information from various tables to use it during the import process and, which is the most important thing, describe the import process in the XML format in compliance with the completely open and documented scheme.

The open XML format that is used to import documents into Hummingbird allows you to create import data in any way you like – creating the necessary file manually, automatically generating it by another system, etc. Such files can be easily sent from where they were created to where they should be imported (or simultaneously to several locations).

XML-based document import for Hummingbird DM

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Besides, the mechanism of variables (both local – in a file, and global – in the program settings) and overriding them allows you to get different import results for one and the same file on different servers. For example, for any server you can use a specific server name, department name, lookup values of this server, etc.


■ RAM: 256 MB

■ HDD: 5 MB

■ To be able to use this software, you need Hummingbird DM 5.0 or later and Microsoft XML Parser 4.0 or later.

■ MS XML Parser 4.0 required for this software.

■ This software can be installed not only on a server, but also on any computer where DM API is installed and running. DM API is installed automatically when you install any Hummingbird DM Extensions (Windows Explorer DM Extensions, MS Office Integration, etc.) or you can install it manually from the Hummingbird DM distribution package (the folder named DM API). In case you install it manually, you may need to set up a connection to the server using the Hummingbird Connection Wizard.

■ If you use Hummingbird DM or later, you should activate the «Allow SQL Passthrough» option in the Library Maintenance tool to be able to perform SQL queries (the QUERY element). To do it, you should open File -> System parameters and switch to the Defaults tab in Library Maintenance

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