Woman Calendar

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The Internet is filled with all sort of applications that help make your life easier. One of them is Woman Calendar. It allows you to organize and use the information coded in your past menstrual cycles. It sports a lightweight and colorful graphical interface with many neat tools at hand.

The application doesn't take long to install and it doesn't come with a complicated setup that you would need to complete before you can actually use it. It sports a really intuitive graphical interface with many nice tools at hand.

Woman Calendar

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Woman Calendar allows you to organize and use the information coded in your past menstrual cycles. Whether you're trying to conceive, avoiding it, or just planning the best time for vacation, you can always use the extra help your body’s history provides.

The monthly menstrual related symptoms contain valuable information; by filing, reading and using it properly women can certainly increase their chances of achieving the desired goal.

The program uses some well established patterns in the female’s body rhythm and combines them with the available past information in order to generate predictions. It all comes down to determining two particular days within each period: the expected next period start date and the expected net ovulation day.

Knowing the ovulation day allows figuring out the fertility period, the days during which conceiving is possible. Unfortunately, none of these predictions can be made with absolute accuracy.

Data is filed by selecting a particular day and then using the controls on the right side of the calendar to file the events that had occurred in that day such as temperature reading, menstrual bleeding etc.

For a starter, it's better that you recall or estimate the first day of your last period. You will then locate that day on the calendar and make a note in it that bleeding has occurred, thus marking the start of a period.

All in all, Woman Calendar Crack is about creating and supporting personal calendar of a woman’s period and related events and further using that information for various purposes.

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