Textractor 1.01 (Crack + Keygen)

Textractor is a lightweight application that enables you to record all text logs generated by the programs installed on your computer.

Without denying that it is clean and easy-to-understand, the interface is rather dull and old-fashioned. You can type in a command line or browse for an application in the upper section.


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In the lower panel, you can preview the action performed and the date it was completed, information that you can copy and save as TXT or DOC.

OCR or Optical character recognition refers to a type of application that can automatically examine printed text and turns it to a format that the computer can interpret easier.

Since the computer cannot perform this action without a digital camera or an optical scanner, you should know that it stores an image and not the actual text. OCR is the process of converting an image to text or convert files from image formats (BMP or JPG) to text formats (DOC or TXT).

The advantage of Textractor Crack over other OCR software is that it can capture the text applications output even if you do not have an optical reader. The utility can be very useful in situations when programs display texts very fast and you do not have time to read it.

The application is intuitive and can be employed even by first-time users seamlesly. You can browse for the executable file of the program installed or type the path in the designated field and the program replays it, so you can scrutinize it whenever you choose to.

This way you can immediately know if there were any errors during installation or if it set up additional hidden components, for example.

If you regularly need to install various software on your computer and you wan an extra safety net to maintain your system clean and working smoothly, then perhaps Textractor could prove its worth.

It is necessary to mention that this program is outdated and that the developer does not provide support for it anymore.

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