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FormsGate is a powerful tool for converting structured electronic data from various formats to XML. The destination environment may be Microsoft® InfoPath®, or it may be an different one, using InfoPath only as a tool in the migration process.

Unlike other existing forms conversion tools, FormsGate doesn't convert form templates, but their contents.


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FormsGate is a highly interactive data transformation tool. You don't need to be a programmer to convert your forms.

The usual conversion can be done using only your mouse to select each field in the input form and its equivalent in the InfoPath form.

For special fields such as check and date / time, you may have to specify the source and destination format. Then press the "Migrate" button and you're done. FormsGate will automatically do the conversion for you, whether for one single form or a few thousand. At the end of the process each form will be fully usable in InfoPath.

FormsGate was developed to help any user that need to convert or transform large amounts of data from one format or structure to another. If you are a data manager, a developer, publisher, market researcher or business analyst you can enjoy FormsGate features and reap the benefits.

Here are some key features of "FormsGate":

■ interactivity - the conversion is defined by visual mapping between the input and destination fields

■ batch processing for multiple forms conversion

■ process all usual field/content types including: text, numerical, check box, radio buttons, date / time

■ automated treatment of variable structures in the destination form (variable tables and sections), even if they are not present in the source form (as in XFDF or CSV)


■ .NET framework 1.1 and InfoPath SP1 are required

Rating 3.2
Downloads 3948
Package size 3.7 MB
Supported systems Windows 2K, Windows XP

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