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SAMcal is a small, highly configurable calendar/reminder application and is quite flexible in defining when an event occurs.

Here are some key features of "SAMcal":


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■ Multiple event lists! You may now define more than one event list - only the events belonging to the selected list show up on the calendar at any given moment.

■ E-mail event notifications. You can set it up to send e-mail for all events or selected events.

■ An Astronomical Calendar. This window shows you (graphically) when the sun and moon are up, and the portions of the night that are considered "twilight" (astronomical, nautical, or civil).

■ Daily notes are now edited in place, with many more formatting options.

■ There is now a "missed alarms" dialog, to tell you what alarms were set to go off since the last time SAMcal was running, but couldn't because it wasn't.

■ Sticky notes! These may be managed from the SAMcal main window or from the SAMcal tray icon(s).

■ New event types! The "fixed day interval" event type has been expanded to be the new "periodic" event, which can be a fixed day interval, a fixed week interval, a fixed month interval, or a fixed year interval.

■ New Weather Plugin! There is now a plugin that provides (via a network connection) the latest observed weather for many sites worldwide, and forecast weather for many US sites.

■ Quick alarms! Make it easier to set up an alarm.

■ Group alarms! Display a list of events belonging to a given group that occur today.

■ Event suppress or reschedule! Individual occurrences of repeating events may be suppressed or rescheduled.

■ Themes! You may now store the appearance and sound options into named themes, and you may set it to rotate among the themes in various ways

■ New button styles - text only, edgeless, thin border, and thick border

■ Raised 3D day tiles

■ Most solid colors may now be set as gradient colors

■ You may now set a background image for the event list and the daily info

■ Support for more graphics file formats for the background images, including JPEG

■ Event group icons, which may be used as event list bullets or in place of the group text on the day tiles

■ New predefined color schemes


■ 30 day trial

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