PowerPoint Search and Replace

PowerPoint Search and Replace 1.0 (Crack + Keygen)

PowerPoint Search and Replace is a freeware 'find and replace' macro for Microsoft PowerPoint. If you tried our counterpart freeware macros MS Word (Word SR) and MS Excel (Excel SR) then you can probably guess that the PowerPoint SR macro works in a similar manner but on PowerPoint files only. PowerPoint Search and Replace macro uses PowerPoint's find and replace functions.This macro can do more than one file by specifying a 'wild card' in the dialog's 'File Mask (with path)' field.

Important Notes:

PowerPoint Search and Replace

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PowerPoint Search and Replace was developed on Office 2000. It may not work with the Office 97 or Office 95 versions of PowerPoint.

The 'PwrPtSR.ppt' is set up to automatically launch the macro when opened but this may not happen on your system. The file has some instructions to launch manually.

PowerPoint Search and Replace requires that you have macro functioning turned on. You may need to enable Excel macros in your Options settings if macros were disabled as an anti-virus measure.

Scan 'PwrPtSR.ppt' with your anti-virus scanner before you open the file for the first time.

The macro requires that you have the full version of PowerPoint installed. You can save the file as a PowerPoint slide show but it will not work if your machine has only the PowerPoint show viewer installed.

PowerPoint Search and Replace Crack can only process files understood by your PowerPoint installation.

Back up your files first. Do NOT rely on the PowerPoint 'undo' function. The macro writes a file named 'PwrPtSR_Results.txt' in the same path that the operation is performed in. This file summarizes the search results or changes made. However, there is no built-in backup functionality.


■ To use this macro you must enable PowerPoint Macros. Some users will have macro functioning disabled, or at a high security setting, due to anti-virus measures. Consult your Microsoft Office manual for instructions on how to change Macro permissions.

■ If you have macro functioning enabled but still do not see a 'Search and Replace in PowerPoint Documents' dialog when you run the macro then it probably will not work for you. Your Office 2000 installation may not include the necessary VBA (Visual Basic for Applications) modules.

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