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There are only so many hours every day in which you need to compress quite the variety of activities. Some might not necessarily have the due date the same day, case in which you might want to put a little order in your activity list. This is where applications like Ottimo Scheduler come in handy, with an intuitive design and set of features.

It doesn’t take much time to ensure that the application is properly deployed on your computer. However, for everything to work out fine, it’s a good idea to make sure that .NET Framework is already on your computer, and chances are it’s already there since it comes as a default feature in modern Windows iterations.

Ottimo Scheduler

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As far as the visual design goes, the application tries to make it easy for individuals of all levels of experience to quickly get the hang of things. It manages to accomplish this through a stylish, yet intuitive design, while also offering a default task to give an idea of how your workflow gets split into multiple activities here.

Unfortunately, the application only comes with five configurable task slots, but they have your full attention. In other words, each item comes with its own field, which disappears once filled in and added to the list. You need to finish an activity to make the field editable again, because it’s not possible to change tasks on the spot.

Tasks only show up as a title, with no other requirements involved other than your actual performance. On the other hand, the application alerts you every 30 minutes that tasks are not done, and you can change the interval. Sadly, there’s no option to generate reports to view progress on the long run.

All things considered, we can state that Ottimo Scheduler Crack doesn’t really come with a set of features to help you create a balanced workflow on the long run, but rather helps you stay on track with activities which need to be performed in the current day.

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