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Txpad Plus 1.3.18 Beta (Crack + Keygen)

If you're looking for a simple text editor as an alternative to the Windows Notepad, you can take a look at Txpad Plus. It supports plain text documents as well as programming files, namely batch, HTML, PHP, CSS, JOB (Booking in System Job), INI, LOG, Config.SYS, Java and ASP.

As far as the interface is concerned, Txpad Plus has a plain-looking window that actually resembles Windows Notepad, aside from the toolbar, where you can instruct the text editor to show an embedded folder tree, which you can use to easily explore disk directories and open documents.

Txpad Plus

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You can create new blank or HTML documents, batch files and PHP scripts, as well as open and save files with all supported file types we're mentioned at the beginning of this review. Neither syntax highlighting and spellchecking are supported.

If you want to put together blank or batch documents or PHP scripts, you can select text and make all letters upper or lower case, convert text to HTML format, as well as look up keywords using a search function.

When working on HTML documents, the application can insert the current date and time. You can customize the page style by adding a background image or by picking different colors for the background, text, normal, visited and active links.

It's also possible to use a hyperlink helper that lets you pick the resource type and insert the web and email address, newsgroup, file location, text caption and URL.

Moreover, you can apply bold, italic, underline or marquee effects to text, insert images from your computer and set the image size and alternate description, as well as set the page formatting (line break, paragraph, center, horizontal rule), text style (big or small print, subscript, superscript, strikethrough) and heading size.

Txpad Plus Crack hasn't been updated for a long time and doesn't seem to be in development anymore. Nevertheless, we didn't have any trouble running it on Windows 10 in our tests. It proves to be an intuitive and practical tool for creating plain text documents and some types of programming files. However, it doesn't sport additional advanced features.

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