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Some text are just too long to long to be fully read, even if they might contain important information on a topic. Copernic Summarizer is a useful piece of software that can help you optimally combine text content with size. It allows you to extract certain base ideas from a text, in order to reduce its size, whilst maintaining reliable content.

The application provides you with an efficient way of reducing text size, in order to summarize its content and keep only the important and essential lines. You can choose the length of the output text, along with several keywords, as the program will try to scan for important headlines and keyphrases and shorten your original text to a desired length, whilst still maintaining relevant content.

Copernic Summarizer

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Furthermore, you can reduce your text by a certain percentage, instead of word length. By doing so, you are able to precisely reduce the size of a text in half or quarter, and still be able to display relevant data about the subject discussed in your document.

Copernic Summarizer allows you to compress large texts into several essential sentences, based on several keywords and a user-defined output text size. After a text has been processed, you are able to modify it, so that any mistakes can be removed. For instance, you can easily delete sentences that should not belong in the resulting shortened text in just a couple of clicks.

Aside from this, you can quickly print or save as TXT, HTML, or XML, depending on its intended use, whether a document for your presentations or an explanatory text on your tutorials or webpages.

To sum it up, Copernic Summarizer Crack can help you reduce the size of your texts, whilst managing to summarize only the relevant content for your whole documents. Its filtering engine can easily be optimized to remove unnecessary or irrelevant text, with the help of keywords and word limitation.

Copernic Summarizer is no longer available for download or purchase since October 1st 2015. Copernic will continue to support Copernic Summarizer until April 30th, 2016.

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