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Emunge is a very simple application created to take a piece of text from the clipboard or entered into the program's left window pane and perform a series of regular expression search and replace operations, producing the output text in the other window pane.

Practically, Emunge enables you to set rules that will be automatically applied to the input text, so that you can easily replace specific characters or change the case of certain words.


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The program was created primarily for the processing of spam emails that are intended to be sent to an ISP's abuse desk or to be published in some public forum, but it could be used for any number of other associated tasks. Whilst most ISP abuse departments can be trusted not to harvest or otherwise misuse any identifying items contained within the submitted email, some are not so trustworthy.

In addition, if you wanted to post the spam sample in a newsgroup for example, you probably wouldn't want your email address or any other recognizable information showing. Hence, this program can be used to remove or "munge" words in the email to prevent further leakage of personally identifiable data.

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Kevin, 15 December 2018

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