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Having to do your research with the help of the Internet surely means you might want to copy some bits of info to save for later processing. Although the clipboard helps in this regard, specialized applications like Send To Notepad want to make it a lot more faster by also automatically pasting inside a new documents.

With the setup process over before you realize, you quickly get the chance to see what the application is all about. It stays minimized to the tray area the entire time to let you tend to your activities. In fact, there isn’t even a window to work with, and the process is almost entirely automated, with a minimum amount of effort required on your behalf.

Send To Notepad

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The application works by reading content inside the clipboard. When requested, it opens up a new Notepad instance and automatically pastes the content of the clipboard. Needless to say that all formatting options are lost in this operation, and you’re only able to work with text and no other types of content.

There are, however, a few flaws to the whole operation. For starters, the application isn’t capable of pasting content in the previously created Notepad instance, even if it is kept open. This means that every bit of text you copy gets saved in a new document, so a great deal of time is lost when putting everything together.

What’s more, you need to interact with the tray icon through a double-click operation for the function to work, with no possibility to assign a hotkey command. Last but not least, the application can only copy specific characters, which might leave documents missing important info.

Taking everything into consideration, we can state that Send To Notepad Crack isn’t really fully prepared to deliver its core features as intended. Sadly, a new document is created for every copy operation, and there’s little to no flexibility in customizing how content is grabbed from the clipboard.

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