Lintalist 1.9.6 (Crack + Keygen)

A text snippets manager is a real time saver if you are working with multiple text pieces you have to copy and paste repeatedly. Such an application can, for instance, help you quickly paste predefined responses in emails you send to your customers. Keeping all the text snippets organized is important, both for your comfort and productivity.

Lintalist is one of the applications you can choose if you are looking for a way to improve your workflow. It can store multiple text pieces, enabling you to assign them key combinations and paste them easier, whenever necessary. More importantly, it organizes everything into different categories called "bundles", helping you keep work snippets separate from personal ones.


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Upon launch, a welcome and guidance window is displayed, where you can learn how to use Lintalist to your advantage. It might take a while to get used to the application's shortcuts, but it might be worth the time. On the downside, you cannot customize the default hotkeys.

To open the list of snippets, you must press the 'CapsLock' key. Please note that Lintalist practically disables the default CapsLock function, but that should not be a problem for most users.

The manager comprises a list of all the bundles and text snippets. You can assign a hotkey to snippets you use frequently, to insert them easier in a text field. Furthermore, each text snippet can be split into two separate parts, and you can attach a script to each entry. For your convenience, Lintalist Crack comes with options to automatically include different items in your text, such as the clipboard content, a counter, variables (stored separately, can include your address, for instance), a date and time field, a calendar, an image, HTML tags, and much more.

Additionally, you can import CSV files, lists, and UltraEdit tag lists, and Lintalist takes care of the conversion for you.

Lintalist features a plethora of settings you can tamper with and a lot more to discover than the above. Each change in the settings requires an application restart; that is the price you have to pay for customizing the application to your liking. Even so, it is a promising text snippet manager and, with a few improvements in usability and appearance, it might get to the top of its category.

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