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TenClips is a program that greatly extends the powers of the conventional Windows Clipboard, in several ways. Firstly, the application supports storing ten text strings, the equivalent of running ten instances of the standard clipboard. Secondly, TenClips allows users to apply formatting rules to stored text clips.

An interesting feature of this program is that, since there are ten memory slots, some can be kept as permanent, while others can be cleared and refilled. When some text strings are used recurrently, this can save a lot of time!


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Users working on long and complex projects will also find the “Save clipboard” function very handy. More-so, this feature allows users to change clipboards and increase their productivity.

One of the real strengths of this application is its ability to “Purify text”, i.e. remove any text formatting. After the text is stored and purified, users can apply their own formatting rules.

For example, lines can be trimmed or sorted, and diacritics can be removed. Other options include URL encoding or decoding, converting HEX to INT and vice-versa. Simpler rules, like changing to lowercase or uppercase are also available.

Another interesting feature of this software is that it supports sending clipboard packets to other network computers. In other words, two network computers that share this program can also share stored text information.

This can be used together with the “Save clipboards” function to quickly spread custom-formatted clipboards.

The software features a clean interface, although searching for more advanced functions can clutter the tray area with multiple menus.

The application integrates smoothly with Windows Explorer, and the contents of whole text documents can be copied with just a right click (without even opening the source files!).

TenClips Crack is a simple solution for anyone dissatisfied with the limitations of the standard Windows Clipboard. More advanced users will surely find the ability to send clipboards via network as very nice.

Rating 3.9
Downloads 6153
Package size 393 KB
Supported systems Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, Windows 10 64 bit

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