Free Clipboard Viewer

Free Clipboard Viewer (Crack + Keygen)

Free Clipboard Viewer is a feather-light piece of software that you can use to examine in-depth information on the content currently stored in the Clipboard, in order to find out the Unicode text format, locale identifier, text and OEM text format.

After a swift setup operation that contains only familiar options, you are welcomed by a user-friendly interface, represented by a standard window with a plain and simple structure. Although it doesn't put emphasis on graphical elements, the app's easy to navigate.

Free Clipboard Viewer

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As soon as you copy text to the Clipboard, the utility shows it in the first panel and lets you copy it as hex or link. You can also change the encoding method by selecting one of the numerous options detailed in the right-click menu, such as ANSI, OEM, EBCDIC, KOI8, ISO or Mac.

The original text, locale identifier and OEM, along with the Unicode and HTML format can be accessed from separate panes. It's possible to save information to file(.cl7 format) and load it later, make the frame stay on top of other windows, or empty the Clipboard.

As expected, the app doesn't put a strain on the overall performance of the PC, since it runs on low CPU and RAM. It had a good response time to commands and worked smoothly in our tests, without triggering Windows to hang, crash or pop up error messages.

Although it doesn't sport richer options and configuration settings, Free Clipboard Viewer Crack offers a straightforward and effective solution for viewing Clipboard content in various formats and encoding methods, and it can be handled by anyone with ease. Plus, it's freeware.

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