Clipboard Clearer

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Clipboard Clearer is an application that can be of use in removing the data stored on the clipboard, in the attempt to prevent situations when sensitive data is pasted by accident. Its final purpose is to protect your private information.

Ease of use is one of its main advantages, but the application does not provide a standard interface. Instead, it places a small icon in the system tray area, enabling you to easily access it from there. The application does not show you whether the clipboard content is empty or not, enabling you to choose when to clear it.

Clipboard Clearer

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Right-clicking on the tray icon reveals a menu that you can use to quickly clear the clipboard content. But there is another way to do this, namely to double-click on the tray icon, which is much faster and easier.

Once the clipboard is empty, the application's icon changes to a green check mark. This symbol is designed to ensure you about the success of the operation, but you can always verify by trying to paste content from the clipboard.

The procedure fails when the clipboard is being accessed by another program and Clipboard Clearer Crack shows a red icon instead of the green one, alongside a notification popup balloon.

Clipboard Clearer provides you with a quick and convenient method to get rid of the text, image, file path or any other data that is stored on the clipboard. You can use it after copying and pasting important information, such as login credentials or confidential reports.

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