Clipboard Extra

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By default, the Windows clipboard can only remember one item, but this shortcoming can be overcome by using a clipboard management utility, such as Clipboard Extra. The purpose of this application is to help you add new functionality to the clipboard and ultimately, improve your workflow and increase productivity.

Clipboard Extra can handle multiple so-called 'clipboard sets', containing up to ten clipboard entries each. As expected, it runs silently in the system tray, enabling you to paste the desired text by using a simple key combination.

Clipboard Extra

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All the stored items are neatly displayed in an organized manner, allowing you to modify their position with just a few clicks. Furthermore, you can manually replace entries by typing in a new text.

What makes Clipboard Extra stand out from the crowd is its capability to edit the stored text entries. The 'Extra Tools' section is actually a built-in text editor where you can view the total number of characters in your text, convert text pieces to upper or lowercase, capitalize the entire text or use the integrated character replacement function.

One interesting feature is the 'Text Stealer', a handy tool that can be used for automatically copying to the clipboard the names of any of the running applications or sections in an opened window. This really comes in handy when writing the text for a tutorial.

The application is suitable for beginners and experienced users alike, featuring an 'Expert Mode' that does not prompt you for confirmation each time you perform an action. The 'Master Mode' is the alternative, distinguished by the clipboard auto-saving function.

The GUI is fully customizable (you can set the background to be transparent, save the window position and more), while the on-screen tips makes the usage a breeze.

Clipboard Extra Crack can assist you in becoming more efficient, having the possibility to work with multiple clipboard entries while working on a new project. However, it still requires some improvements, since at the moment it does not support file copying (it only copies the file location).

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Supported systems Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8 64 bit