Clipboard Calculator

Clipboard Calculator (Crack + Keygen)

Simple math operations are encountered in different situations, even when you need to shop for groceries with a limited budget. Regardless of purpose, Clipboard Calculator is an application which helps simplify calculus by reducing your effort to a copy operation of the expression you want to figure out.

Only a little time is required to set up the application on your computer for it to work. The only thing you need to make sure is that .NET Framework is also installed, because it’s required for proper functionality. Additionally, it can be automatically added to the list of startup items directly from the setup process, in case you need to have it ready by the time you reach the desktop.

Clipboard Calculator

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The application mostly stays in the tray area, and monitors your clipboard for an operation it’s familiar with. Once processed, anything in the clipboard gets replaced with the result, which you can then easily copy in a dedicated field.

There’s no list of supported functions, but you are able to perform operations like add, subtract, divide, or multiply. Moreover, expressions can be lengthy, and can even include multiple operators. However, you must properly write down the expression for the application to be able to read it, but a prompt appears to let you know if it’s not supported.

Calculus is not done as soon as the expression is in your clipboard. This is because you need to press a specific combination of keys, which comes in handy because it allows you to calculate only when ready, thus not replacing clipboard items for no reason. The trigger hotkey is configurable, with an additional value field for number of decimals to include.

All in all, Windows already puts a calculator at your disposal to perform simple, or complex math operations. However, Clipboard Calculator Crack saves you some effort, transforming basically any text field into an operable calculator. A configurable hotkey trigger prevents overwriting clipboard entries for no reason, while result is provided fast, and placed in the clipboard for you to paste.

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