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Copy and paste is an extremely helpful function that almost everyone uses at some point, but, despite its versatility, it can still be improved. SentToClipboard is an application that allows users to enhance the existing copy and paste mechanic, making it possible to right click files and folders, then via the "Send to" area, the file location can be sent to the clipboard.

Since SentToClipboard is not a conventional program, users might be unsure of how to proceed or install it since it upgrades a feature that is an inherent part of the system. That being said, SentToClipboard makes it easy, the process is simple and requires almost no effort or expertise.


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Once users install and open the application, it automatically adds the extra function into the system. While there is no help documentation or tutorial, the brief description of the program essentially describes how it functions and users will be able to get by without it.

To use the copy and paste enhancement is simple, users browse a file directory or folder, or locate one on the desktop and right click it. From the contextual menu, users select the "Send to" option and it displays a side menu with the additional option to send the file location to the clipboard.

It is possible to paste the file location the same way as any other paste function to any area that is compatible. There are no additional options or settings to control how it works, or provide additional functionality, however it is not overly necessary or needed.

Ultimately, there are no real downsides to SentToClipboard Crack and how it works, users will be able to get it working immediately, take advantage of the improved functionality straight away, and improve their efficiency. SentToClipboard Crack is a program that anyone can take advantage of to upgrade one of the most commonly used functions.

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Supported systems Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8 64 bit

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