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Among the little things that makes Windows a practical operating system, which is also a general feature, is the clipboard. However, it only holds one entry per copy, and there aren’t any management options. Luckily, you can use applications like AgataSoft Clipboard Manager to enhance your clipboard’s functionality.

After a short setup process, the application can be directly launched, with the general menu showing up to get acquainted with the set of features. The accommodation process takes a little while, with all three management tabs being pretty self explanatory. Also, the simple visuals make functions visible, thus keeping an intuitive layout overall.

AgataSoft Clipboard Manager

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By default, the actions list is fitted with several preset clipboard entries, that represent contact details like name, mail address, country, and others. You’re free to add custom ones, or remove samples. with the creation process mostly requiring the text to paste, as well as the trigger hotkey.

Apart from general action, AgataSoft Clipboard Manager can also track all clipboard entries from the moment it launches. You can select an entry to be used with the next paste operation, but you can’t save them as new actions or attribute a custom hotkey.

There are also a few general options, such as the possibility to make it automatically run with Windows, and whether or not to start minimized to tray, to take up less workspace. In addition, Both the actions list and clipboard history can be exported for later use, but only under the application specific format.

Once you’re done configuring all options, the application can be minimized to system tray. In spite other methods of accessing the clipboard history, you can access it easier through the tray icon, as well as all actions, since they’re enlisted in the icon menu.

Taking everything into consideration, we can say that AgataSoft Clipboard Manager Crack is a practical utility, managing to expand the functionality of your clipboard, but also to skip you the time and effort of writing down standard forms. Although it could have used a bit more flexibility on hotkey support, it manages to get the job done good overall.

Rating 3.6
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Package size 550 KB
Supported systems Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7

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