CopyTexty 1.3.0 (Crack + Keygen)

CopyTexty is an approachable tool that aims to simplify your daily PC activities when working with word processors. It gives you the possibility to create text clips which can be seamlessly inserted into any application using global hotkeys.

After a fast setup operation that requires minimal attention, you can get started by creating a CopyTexty database with a custom name. It creates an icon in the system tray area at startup for quick access and gets sent there on exit.


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The icon's right-click menu lets you bring up the main panel as well as adjust the frame's transparency. This window has a clear-cut structure and three main areas dedicated to managing clips, taking notes, and configuring settings. It stays on top of other windows.

New clips can be created by specifying an entry display name, the text message, and hotkey combination. From this point on, you can trigger the given keyboard shortcut to paste the text message from a clip into any program. It's possible to create as many clips as you want, remove them from the list, edit their properties, as well as use a basic search function to quickly track down a specific clip.

The software application also integrates options for writing notes. However, this is a pretty simple feature that doesn't come bundled with special customization properties.

URLs in notes are marked as hyperlinks. You can organize notes in different letters and quickly select a letter to view all available notes, customize the background color, print the current note, copy all of them to the Clipboard, as well as clear or save all notes.

As far as program settings are concerned, it's possible to administer databases, minimize CopyTexty Crack to the systray on startup, disable systray minimization when exiting the tool, deactivate hyperlinks, and modify the default window transparency.

There were no stability issues in our tests, thanks to the fact that the utility didn't hang, crash or prompt error messages. It had minimal impact on computer performance, running on low CPU and RAM. On the other hand, it hasn't been updated for a pretty long time. Otherwise, CopyTexty offers a simple solution for quickly inserting predefined text into any environment via global hotkeys.

Rating 2.8
Downloads 5823
Package size 3.4 MB
Supported systems Windows All

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