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Moving or copying files or text from one place to the other is done through the clipboard. Hotkeys help you easily move content in and out of it, but there are also some third-party enhancements. For instance, Copy Text Contents integrates into your operating system, letting you extract text from files without opening them.

It takes only a little while to install the application on your computer. Note that a system restart might be required for the program to perfectly integrate into the context menu. Checking this simply requires you to summon the context menu on a plain text file to see whether or not the new options are there.

Copy Text Contents

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Just like the clipboard itself, the application doesn’t actually come with a visible form, or tray icon for any additional operations. In fact, there are no additional operations other than copying text content from existing files. On the other hand, the lack of additional options or menu puts better focus on the core feature, thus providing more comfort in this straightforward approach.

However, the application does come with a few settings of its own, but one-time management is enough to solve everything. These refer to the method of copying content, which can mean keeping text formatting options intact, or dropping everything once text reaches the clipboard, which can save a decent amount of time in regular text manipulation tasks.

What’s more, the application can also be used to copy large amounts of content to clipboard. A couple more dedicated options help in this regard, helping you add a header when copying multiple files, and whether or not to target text files inside subfolders when calling the context menu on a folder.

Taking everything into consideration, we can state that Copy Text Contents Crack is a cool enhancement to both the clipboard, and the way you work with text documents. A lot of time and effort is saved from extracting content, even from multiple text files at a time.

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