Daft Logic Clipboard Format Cleaner

Daft Logic Clipboard Format Cleaner (Crack + Keygen)

Text is found in every visual component of the computer, with an abundance of different font styles and characteristics. Even Windows comes with an impressive library of fonts. The clipboard is responsible for preserving formatting options when copying, but it can sometimes be a pain. In this regard, Daft Logic Clipboard Format Cleaner comes as a small tray tool which clears all text format options.

The application comes in an incredibly lightweight package which doesn’t even require installation in order to function. As such, it can be easily carried around on a thumb drive in case you need to use in on other PCs, but just make sure that .NET Framework is on the target computer for everything to work as expected.

Daft Logic Clipboard Format Cleaner

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On launch the application goes directly to the tray area, with a prompt window showing up. It provides general details on the application functionality, and the new icon is sure to attract attention. In fact, there’s not even a need to interact with it unless you want to deactivate the core function and keep all formatting options of the text string you copy.

Text is processed as soon as it reaches the clipboard, with no time to wait before you can paste it where needed. Needless to say that the application can only process text items, but this doesn’t mean other types of content in the clipboard are affected. Sadly, there’s no preview option to view or edit text before pasting it.

Deactivating the core function needs to be done from the tray icon. Unfortunately, it’s not fitted with a hotkey command, nor can you assign one. There’s no option to make it run with Windows, but this can be bypassed by placing a shortcut in the system Startup folder.

Bottom line is that some task are better off with unprocessed text. Although most editors come with a dedicated paste option to remove all formatting options, Daft Logic Clipboard Format Cleaner Crack helps you regardless of the applications you use to process text. It quietly sits in the tray area, making sure strings are clean before inserted.

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