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The Windows Clipboard is one of the features close to impossible to work without. However, it can only store one item by default, with no interface attached to it. On the other hand, developers on the case came up with applications like Stuf to increase the number of available slots, and let you organize them in categories.

Once launched, the main window shows up with it’s slick, appealing design. The clipboard is monitored right from the start, with every copied element visible in one of the two panels. If one shows clipboard entries, the other is used to create multiple categories so you don’t spend time looking for a particular item of interest later on.


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Adding a new category requires two things. One of them is the name, which is best to be something relevant. The other is a path to save all clippings. Be sure to keep it free of all other items, or not directly on the desktop, because even text items contain multiple types of files. Additionally, an icon can be added to make it look pretty.

Text sent to clipboard has all its formatting options kept intact. On the other hand, this is only the case if you don’t go ahead and modify content, operation through which text loses all its style options. There’s also an option to have text automatically stripped of all enhancements once copied.

Sure enough you might copy multiple items while the application quietly sits in the tray area. Luckily, items can them be dragged around in different categories. To select an item to paste, it’s easy enough to interact with the tray menu and select the item you want to paste.

Taking everything into consideration, we can say that Stuf Crack is sure to come in handy, especially if your work involves dealing with large quantities of text on a daily basis. In fact, all kinds of items, text, or files are saved, with options to organize them in groups for better management, and easier identification later on.

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