Fast Paste and Auto Fill Form

Fast Paste and Auto Fill Form 1.0 (Crack + Keygen)

Whenever you copy a bit of text, it gets stored in the default clipboard Windows puts at your disposal. Unfortunately, it can only hold one entry, discarding the old one every time, but this is where specialized applications like Fast Paste and Auto Fill Form come in handy, letting you store more, and even add custom text.

Once the application is installed and ready to go, a small menu appears on your screen, with a few initial options. It lets you view all saved clipboard entries, and also provides a quick way to insert them, because the default paste button still inserts the last copied item. It’s also the place where you can manage all existing elements.

Fast Paste and Auto Fill Form

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In case the small toolbar doesn’t quite fit anywhere on your screen, even after moving it, there’s the possibility to have it automatically hide, but no option to make it invisible. This is done from the options menu, where you can also specify whether old entries should be automatically deleted, as well as the amount of items to save.

The application isn’t just a clipboard extension. In other words, it comes with a set of options that lets you add custom messages, either by manually writing them down or from TXT files, and have them inserted with a few mouse clicks in any document or text field. In addition, these can be equipped with custom hotkeys.

Clipboard items need to be manually accessed, because there aren’t any hotkeys completely dedicated to them, but can be fitted with button combinations, just like regular messages. Moreover, it would have been nice to see at least a special menu for quick selection on the spot, without having to rely on the toolbar.

Bottom line is that Fast Paste and Auto Fill Form Crack manages to live up to expectations, providing a powerful clipboard extension, with various practical customization options. Standard text forms can easily be imported so you later on just write them down by pressing a custom combination of keys, making a powerful impression overall.

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