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Just because a feature is lightweight, or doesn’t seem to do a lot, doesn’t mean it’s useless. For instance, the Windows Clipboard is one element you probably can’t imagine using the PC without. Needless to say that you know it only holds one item at a time, but this issue can easily be solved with specialized applications like PasteList.

As soon as the application launches, you might want to direct your attention to the tray area, because it automatically goes there, with no tooltip or warning to let you know. Interacting with the corresponding icon brings up a list of all copied items so far, as well as the possibility to bring up the properties panel.


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You can go ahead with your normal activity, unless you want to take the time to configure the clipboard history limit, as well as grouping options. The default storage capacity is of 30 items, text or pictures, but it can easily be changed. What’s more, you can choose to ignore images when copying items, for more text slots.

Copying an item automatically sends it to the clipboard, but all text is formatted, and there’s no option to keep original settings intact when pasting. What’s more, there’s no option to view all items in a larger list, or even export items.

What you can do, however, is specify a group limit, which merely adds a subfolder after the maximum group number. Sadly, this can become rather confusing, since groups are placed in one another, and not on the main list, so you have to go through multiple subgroups until reaching an old copied item.

The only way to paste text is by interacting with the tray icon to select the item you want to paste. Hotkeys can’t be configured, at least for a handful of entries, nor a general one to bring up a menu closer to the writing sheet for a more comfortable selection.

To sum it up, PasteList Crack can extend the capacity of your clipboard with a customizable number of slots. These can be organized in groups, but putting comfort at risk, since they’re all packed sequentially. It could have used with more variety in pasting options, and working with pictures can sometimes end up in an unexpected end of process.

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