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Windows comes with a great variety of significant and barely noticeable features which all add to the comfortable navigation and usage of your PC. The clipboard is among the top features even though there’s no visual representation and it can only hold one item per operation. However, content can be easily handled through programs like ClipClip.

The application completely relies on .NET Framework for functionality so you need to make sure it is already on your computer before you can take ClipClip for a spin. With no setup required for the program itself, you can store it on a thumb drive to carry around in case you want to use it on both your home and work computers.


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If the lack of an interface for the Windows clipboard is frustrating, then ClipClip surely solves this issue. In fact, its features are only available through the main window, with no option to send it to the tray area, but you can assign a hotkey command to its shortcut to only bring it up when necessary.

Unfortunately, the application doesn’t really extend the capabilities of the clipboard, or at least doesn’t add any other slots to save items. What it does is only read input and filter it according to content. This can either mean text, image, audio, file list, or other copied elements.

The only thing you’re able to modify here is text. Note that preview doesn’t update when copying new items, so you need to paste new strings inside the main window for processing. However, text editing is done in plain format, with no customization options. Other areas are devoid of any edit options, and hitting the save button doesn’t create a new file, but only sends updated content to the clipboard.

In conclusion, ClipClip Crack comes with good intentions, but it doesn’t really extend the clipboard’s functionality by much. Sure enough it filters content and shows relevant preview, but with edit options only available for text and no extra slots added, the application leaves much to be desired.

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