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It’s a well-known fact that Windows only offers a single clipboard slot, even if this is pretty difficult to handle when multiple strings are required to be saved. Luckily, alternatives come under the form of third-party applications, making it easy to work with multiple slots, and Cliptonomy is a suitable example in this regard.

For starters, you can see what the application is all about from the moment download is done, because it doesn’t require setup to function, also making it possible to have it carried around on a thumb drive to use on other computers. One thing needs to be mentioned, being that it requires .NET Framework to properly work.


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The window you work with contains all necessary tools to get you through the whole operation. Note, however, that the application only works with text strings, but there is pretty much an unlimited number of slots to work with. The last copied string gets enlisted in a dedicated section, from which you can save.

Although the application is capable of storing multiple entries, there’s some manual management involved, in the sense that entries are not automatically saved. Sadly, this costs a great deal of time, but makes access a lot easier to saved configurations later on. Every clip item is saved as a different file, enlisted in a dedicated panel.

Moreover, each file comes with up to nine different slots of its own. Content can be edited before being pasted. The selected entry is automatically sent to the clipboard. It minimizes to the tray area when not used, but there’s no hotkey command to quickly bring it up when necessary. Last but not least, there are several character formatting controls you can use on text before pasting, such as removing formatting, and more.

Taking everything into consideration, we can state that Cliptonomy Crack does manage to extend the functionality of the clipboard, but it mostly comes in handy if you need to use large text strings on a regular basis. It can take a bit of time to configure, and it could have definitely used an auto save function for newly-copied items.

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