Clipster 0.2.1 (Crack + Keygen)

Clipster is a program that offers its users the possibility to store multiple clipboard text entries, unlike the Windows default copy/paste function which can save only one entry at a time. It's a portable tool so it doesn't require installation. You can carry it around on a USB flash drive and use it right away.

The interface of the application is clean, based on a simple window where the copied text is saved in the form of a list.


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The utility comes with an impressive set of options. The three implemented hotkeys let you control the main functionality of the tool without touching the mouse and bringing into focus the primary window.

After copying the text to the clipboard, you can tweak the saved text. What’s more, you can change the case of the selected entries to uppercase, lowercase, title case, or sentence case.

The application also allows you to replace text by using the 'Regular Expression' syntax, trimming the spaces on the left, right, or both ends of all the selected entries, and many other options. Furthermore, you can split a single entry into numerous pieces based on a 'Regular Expression delimiter.'

Clipster Crack also comes with a set of options to make it more appealing to the user. If normally the application resides in the system tray, from the 'Options' menu it can be selected to always stay on top of other panels.

In addition, you can set Clipster to automatically run at system startup and enable/disable the hotkeys. The most important aspect of this tool is that you can select to save your history upon exit so if you accidentally close the program the stored entries remain in the list.

All in all, Clipster is a clean clipboard manager that is very easy to use with either keyboard or mouse. It comes in handy especially for less experienced users.

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