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Standard Clipboard of Windows allows to store only the recent saved data. This is especially inconvenient when you work with program texts and with large documents. Any document or source text contains a big number of repeating words and phrases.

If you often write documents in some data domain (finance, history, etc.) then all of them contain the same set of terms and phrases. Surely you had an idea when you typed a phrase or a long word, that you wrote that already just recently.

Clipboard Pro

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I don't mention software developers. The source code contains 80% of repeating words and constructions. Often you need to send a small fragment of a document or program source to your colleague or friend by e-mail. You know how many actions you need to do for that. The Clipboard Pro application provides an elegant solution for all these tasks.

How can the output of your work improve if you do not need to repeat the same? I think, a lot! Clipboard Pro is urged to solve the task of more efficiently using of the Clipboard.

Clipboard Pro allows you to use Windows Clipboard more effectively. Clipboard Pro automatically saves all data copied onto the Windows Clipboard and allows you to easily extract and paste them into any document later on.

Clipboard Pro Crack is an easy-to-use and very convenient tool. We recommend it to those who would like to make their work with the computer more effective.

When working with any documents, it is very often necessary to do the following:

- copy some fragments from various parts of a document to one place;

-At some moment or another you need to get a text string from Clipboard Pro that you have copied there before. To paste the most recent string from the Clipboard, you do not need to open Clipboard Pro, it is just enough to use the standard text editor commands.

Unfortunately, the standard Windows Clipboard does not allow you to perform such operations, as it keeps only the most recent data.

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